Constru Eco Park S.L.

The company was created in 2001 and the members of it are all professionals in the building sector with an average of 30 years experience in higher level construction companies.

CONSTRU-ECO-PARK, S.L. is a young and dynamic company. The reason for its creation was determined by several conversations with professionals in Hospitality and Industry sector. The lack of business experience, organizational skills and resources to achieve their projects were common topics, considering that their realisation should be done without interfere with the main activity.

Therefore, and given the experience of the team of CONSTRU-ECO-PARK SL in the realisation of works in which this situation had happened, we decided to create this new company with the clear objective to focus it on the service activities in HOTELS, INDUSTRY AND REHABILITATION providing it with the specific means.

Nowadays, this company has an innovative profile which applies to all current technical and material processes, adapting itself to the demands of the building, maintenance and operation of buildings sector.

Throughout our existence, CONSTRU-ECO-PARK, SL, has evolved to our present situation of professionalism and high quality, thanks mainly to the good work of our professionals and to the focus towards a work devoted primarily to the satisfaction of our customers.


We define ourself like:

  • Proven reliability
  • Seriousness
  • Ability to understand the project and analysis of itself
  • Brainstorming to property, DF or engineering
  • Organizational capacity of both production and simultaneous operation of the company’s business
  • Proper execution with the activity of the company
  • Permanent contact with those responsible for the activity
  • Control and monitoring of finishing touches
  • Customer service

Managemet team

  • 1 Technical arquitect
  • 1 Economist
  • 2 Administratives
  • 3 Foremen
  • 1 Draftman designer-Interior designer
  • 1 External tax adviser

Company policies and certifications

CONSTRU-ECO-PARK, S.L. ensures that the products and services provided are safe and reliable and meet specific construction standards. To this end we are implementing a System of Quality Management based on the UNE-ISO 9001 by the Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia.
CONSTRU-ECO-PARK, S.L.organizes its activities to minimize the maximum environmental impact that our activity concentrates.
CONSTRU-ECO-PARK, S.L. is committed to protecting and ensuring the safety and health of all employees in order to achieve a continuous performance improvement and prevention as well as to meet all legal and regulatory requirements. To this end, we are implementing a System of Quality Management based on OHSAS 18001 by the Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia.

We are in the process of implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 y OHSAS 18001.